Fly Your Glass Off 2013

FLY YOUR GLASS OFF 2013  July 26th- ---
   The FLY YOUR GLASS OFF 2013 will be starting July 26th this year and lasting till the weather turns bad or all pilots leave.
The FYGO fly in highlights "Glass Off" flying at the best local site for a glass off.
Sweet and Low Launch Sweet and Low Launch, 2002-2011.
We will be meeting at Hat Creek Fri July 26th in the evening for a great glass off. We will make decisions that night after reviewing the weather forecasts on where to go for the next.
Gliders set up on Sugar hill Launch, 7/6/2012.

My favorite glass off  flying is the Sugar/Sweet and Low to Lakeview run, although there are many other flying sites to choose from.
This is a low key informal fly in. All pilots are welcome. PG.s can expect launch conditions to be on the strong side.
Pilots wishing to attend or ask questions can do that here. Click here to join hatcreekrimpilots yahoo group